Project Presentation of "Basic Manufacturing Course" ~Trial of Honors Program~

December 14, 2016

The project presentation of "Basic Manufacturing Course" organized by Akira Sasaki, CEO of FaBo Ltd. was held on November 30, 2016.

The course was composed of practical content. Utilizing the equipment in Aizu Geek Dojo (3D printer, laser cutter, etc.) and rapid prototyping tools (FaBoKit and Makeblock), the students realized their ideas in their products in a short term by combining software, electric circuit and hardware.

The lecturer instructed the students to deliver outcome in any way and acquire practical skills through making the challenges and failures.

The students created robots based on a theme "Communication Robot", and five of them gave a presentation and demonstration with the robots.

Some students were not satisfied with their robots since they could not realize their full ideas such as specification change and additional function with the robots in limited time of the course. However, the students worked hard and succeeded in creating the creative robots!

The following list shows the name of the students and the title of the robots.

  • Yuusuke Namiki (1st year undergraduate student): 「カラーシェア」"Color Share"

  • Souki Saito (1st year undergraduate student): 「落武者ロボット」"Defeated Samurai Robot"

  • Kota Fukaya (1st year undergraduate student): 「お帰りなさいロボット」"Welcome Back Robot"

  • Zidu Wang (1st year undergraduate student): 「ペットロボット」"Pet Robot"

  • Toru Kibushi (1st year master student): 「メカべこ」"Mechanical Beko"

This course will be held in Q4 as well. Basic Manufacturing Course Schedule.pdf