IoT Dojo has finished with great success!

February 14, 2022

The IoT Dojo was held by Aizu Geek Dojo (AGD) from December 5th to 22nd, 2021.


The IoT Dojo is the second edition of the "Arduino Dojo"* that was held in April 2021. We added the element of "Internet" to Arduino Dojo by using a microcomputer "ESP32" in the IoT Dojo.

*Report of Arduino Dojo was published on No.29 AIZU SGU NEWS KAWARABAN.

The event consisted of two study sessions and a two-week hackathon. 22 participants are mainly the first and second-year students!

At the study session, Mr. SUZUKI Takuma (B2) of AGD-SA (Student Assistant) gave detailed instruction to the participants to let them experience hands-on development. Students were divided into 6 teams in the development session, and one AGD-SA supported one team.

Regardless of the short development period of two weeks, each team worked hard until late at night. One student said, "The IoT Dojo makes me do my best in development. It's fun to give form to our ideas."

All teams demonstrated their products and had great presentations. We felt their passion for the IoT Dojo!

team1_snapshot.png team2_snapshot2.png

team3_snapshot1.png team4_snapshot1.png

team5_snapshot1.png team6_snapshot.png

Team 1 (Upper left); Remote control of an air conditioner by ESP32 and LINE Bot.

Team 2 (Upper right); "Too Very Secured Website" Uploading my daily data of house temperature and illuminance to website.

Team 3 (Middle left); "Senkou-kun" An alarm clock that wakes me up by light and can be turned off only if I win tic-tac-toe on the website.

Team 4 (Middle right); A Slack Bot that sends a notification automatically when an ESP32 senses door's open/close.

Team 5 (Lower left); Operating an air conditioner with an ESP32 from the website.

Team 6 (Lower right); A moving Christmas tree controlled by an ESP32.

*Details of developed products are introduced by SA on the blog of AGD Aizu Geek DojoAGD)のHPのブログ.

Some teams could not complete development in this event, but we hope that they will continue their development activities and hone their technical skills based on this experience.

At Aizu Geek Dojo, we will continue to hold events that can improve students' technical skills.