【Closed】AY2022 Vietnam Internship Alternative Program

May 17, 2022

【We are recruiting participants for AY2022 Vietnam Internship Alternative Program in summer.】

・Vietnam Internship Alternative Program in Summer

Training contents:

All training is provided by online.

Through the program cooperated with FPT University, one of our partner universities, the participants will take one week of business training at FPT University in Vietnam, and the remaining three weeks of development and marketing in English at a Vietnamese start-up company, etc.

Although we are not able to go abroad, participants have an opportunity to take ICT business classes and interact with students in English through a cooperative program with FPT University, one of our partner universities!

If you would like to try an overseas internship or study abroad eventually, we recommend that you participate in this program first.

Vietnam Internship Alternative Program_Poster (E).pdf


【Briefing Session】


Date &Time:

Briefing Session on Vietnam Internship Alternative Program

Wed., June 1, 2022 16:30-17:00 @M6

Contents:We will inform details of the internship including the programs, contents of training and process from application to selection, etc.

※No reservation required.

※You will be able to apply the programs without participation in the information session.

【About the program】

Training Period (Planned)

(1) Online Business Training: From Aug 22 (Mon), 2022 to Aug 26 (Fri), 2022 (Planed)

(2) Online Internship: From Aug 29 (Mon), 2022 to Sep 16 (Fri), 2022 (Planed)


Online (at home)

Application Qualification

1st-year students ~ 4th-year students of undergraduate school, Master students (except for those who will graduate in September 2022 or complete Master's course)

Program Capacity


Application Documents

Application Guidelines(En2022 Application Guideline for the Vietnam Internship Alternative Program.pdf

Application Form(EnWordAY2022 Application Form(En).docx

Application Deadline

Mon., June. 6, 2022

◆FPT Internship Materials↓

Program Introduction.pdf

◆Internship Schedule↓

Program Description.pdf

◆Host Company List↓

Host Company List.pdf

◎No credit for the program but you can apply for accreditation as an extracurricular activity course.

◎The program can be accredited as a course for the Overseas Business Development Project of the Innovation and Startup Education Program.

◎We recommend the program to those who want to experience international business and participate in a project in a startup company which rapidly grow.




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