【Closed】AY2022 Silicon Valley Internship Program

May 17, 2022

【We are recruiting participants for AY2022 Silicon Valley Internship Program in summer.】

・Silicon Valley Internship Program in Summer

Silicon Valley Internship Program including local dispatch itinerary will be implemented.

Training contents: Students will stay in UoA Silicon Valley Office (Hacker Dojo) and develop IoT devices and will give presentation in front of many local engineers and researchers. Students also will visit famous universities and various facilities and startup companies etc.

Silicon Valley Internship - Poster (E).pdf


【Briefing Session】


Date & Time:

Briefing Session on Silicon Valley Internship Program:

May 25(Wed), 2022 17:00-17:30 @M6

Contents:We will inform details of the internship including the programs, contents of training and process from application to selection, etc.

※No reservation required.

※You will be able to apply the programs without participation in the information session.

【About the program】

Training Period (Planned)

(1) Pre-training in UoA: From Aug 17 (Wed), 2022 to Aug 26 (Fri), 2022

Learn how to use Jetson Nano and develop the systems

(2) Overseas training(Silicon Valley): From Sep 1 (Thu), 2022 to Sep 14 (Wed), 2022

① Development training (Hacker Dojo)

② Visit local universities and companies

③ Presentations in the local facility

④ Apply for the GUGEN Contest on the Web (required)

(3) Post-training in Japan

From Nov 24 (Thu), 2022 To Nov 30 (Wed), 2022 (Final Presentation) in UoA

Presentation in the GUGEN contest (optional) in Tokyo

Final presentation

Application Qualification

1st-year students ~ 4th-year students of undergraduate school, Master students (except for those who will graduate in September 2022 or complete Master's course)

Program Capacity


Application Documents

Application Guidelines(En2022 Application Guideline for the Silicon Valley Internship Program En.pdf

Application Form(EnWordApplication Form for Silicon Valley Internship Program (E).docx

Application Deadline

Mon., June. , 2022

◎Undergraduate students take the specialized course ""Extracurricular Activity Course II <Internship III (Silicon Valley A)>".

◎We recommend the program to those who want to test their ideas and skills overseas.




Promotion Office for Super Global University (Ms. Yashima)

E-mail: sgu-adm@u-aizu.ac.jp

Tel: 0242-37-2701