Unique Talent Discovery Program

The University offers Unique Talent Discovery Program to discover and develop students with unique talents.

Certification requirements

Students who have applied to the Unique Talent Discovery Program based on the Guideline on the Implementation of the University of Aizu Honors Program, and satisfy one of the conditions noted below will receive a certification of this program.

  1. Those who have obtained the prescribed Challenger Badges
  2. Those who have participated in at least two of the following activities:
    1. a. Special basic lectures (at least two courses)
    2. b. Overseas Internship Program
    3. c. Studying abroad (for one month or longer)
  3. Those who have been recommended by faculty members for their unique talent

Support systems

  1. Early assignment to a Graduation Thesis supervisor
  2. Taking Honors Special Courses
  3. Receiving Honors Activity expenses
  4. Special permission for absence from class (This shall be handled in accordance with the UoA Guidelines on Student Absence.)
  5. Flexible requirements for graduation thesis

Student's Voice

Masato HIDAKA (4th-year Bachelor's) /Unique Talent Discovery Program (As of 2020)

img_unique01.jpgLast year, when I decided to participate in summer school to learn about Mars in China, my supervisor suggested that I apply for the Honors Program. This program provides financial support so that we can attend overseas activities at a lower cost. In addition, the budget can be used for various purposes, for example, for summer school, participation in academic conferences etc. In some cases, we can apply for credits of extracurricular activities.

The Unique Talent Discovery Program will help you if you want to try new things.
The sense of accomplishment after taking on challenges gives us great confidence. Let's try!