Improvement of Governance and Globalization

We promote the improvement of governance and globalization through improving the efficiency of operations, speeding up decision-making, upgrading the staff, and strengthening the IR function.

As an important part of the initiatives, we are improving the campus environment by installing the necessary equipment and facilities. Also, we are building a multi-cultural campus so that Japanese and International faculty members and students communicate smoothly together.


English class for administrative staff (2016.12~2018.)

English class for administrative staff was held once a week to improve the staff's English language skills. In the class, staff learned practical and useful conversation skills for campus, and in the high-level class, they had discussion time once a month. They could compare their levels by taking a test when the class started and ended. Not only the class, but Lunch Meetings were also held voluntarily by staff and were a time for them to enjoy conversing freely over lunch.
This activity facilitated the improvement of university globalization through raising awareness of the multi-cultural campus concept.


Installation of paperless-meeting system (2015.~)

Installation of Honors Makers' Space (Aizu Geek Dojo)(2016.4~)

In response to the recent development of specialized ICT fields such as embedded systems, IoT, and robotics, and the growing interest and needs of students for manufacturing and hardware development, we set up a craft space that can be used freely.

There are 3D printers, laser cutters, tools, and materials for manufacturing. Students use them freely for a personal hobby, research, and preparation for contests or hackathons. We also aim to use this space for implementation of workshops and contests.

Installation of Global Lounge (2014.~)

Work for improvement of university governance (2014.4~)

We are considering increasing the proportion of women faculty and staff and to introduce an annual salary system.

Establishment of various committees (2014.4~)

We established various committees based on the basic programs and special programs of the Top Global University Project to find and solve issues quickly. For example, there are the committee for review and evaluation of the Top Global University Project, working groups for each program, regional supporter's association, etc. The committee members meet regularly to share their work progress.