Outcomes of the Special Programs

The outcomes of the "Special Programs" are introduced here.


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Activities & Outcomes

Challenger Badge System Commenced


Overview of Initiatives

We developed a challenger badge system to encourage students to be active at contests, hackathons, and other extracurricular activities.

For more information about the University of Aizu Challenger Badge System

This system has established an environment to recognize and encourage students' extracurricular activities that are difficult to evaluated by credit or grades.

Growth of Indicators

The number of challenger badges granted is increasing yearly. By collaborating with the event organizers, we are increasing the number of Challenger Badge official events to grant badges to more students.

AY2016 AY2017 AY2018
The number of
Challenger Badges
41 165 336

Growth of Students

Students who participated in a regional hackathon, a Challenger Badge official event, developed applications on healthcare with other universities and high school students. They made presentations about their applications and ideas, and won awards including a top prize.


It creates a virtuous circle in which friendly competition with students from inside and outside the university prompts them to hone their development skills and earn their Challenger Badges, which further motivates them to participate in more events.

A selection of Challenger Badge official events:

Health Hackathon and Ideathon organized by a regional company
Study abroad at Dalian in China
"NASA International Space Apps Challenge" (held at the University of Aizu as a regional venue)
Ideathon using regional transportation open data
Workshop to assemble and make an original smart speaker

Implementation of the At-Home Style Discussion


Overview of Initiatives

Discussions with students and faculty members have been implemented to discuss new proposals and plans for future globalization.
This makes the Top Global University Project be understood not only by faculty members but also by students, which facilitates our efforts.
The initiatives of the project progress at a university-wide level.

Growth of Students

By using the chance to think and speak out about the globalization of the university, more and more students are increasing awareness on the roles in the process and becoming actively involved in the university's activities.


By listening to the real voices of students, we have promoted our project in a way that fits the needs of students. In addition, we invited outside lecturers to acquire a wider perspective and realize an open and multicultural campus.

Implementation of the World Cultural Fair

Overview of Initiatives

The University of Aizu is blessed with an international exchange environment, with about 40% of the faculty members being non-Japanese. We held a world cultural fair to show and make citizens feel close to our university's internationality.
Not only citizens but also international students, faculty members, and their families participated in it and exchanged cultural experiences with each other.

Also, we sometimes provide international food in the cafeteria as a special lunch menu. Please refer to the following URL.