Outcomes of Governance and Globalization

The outcomes of "Governance and Globalization" are introduced here.


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Activities & Outcomes

English Class for Administrative Staff

Overview of Initiatives

We have offered an English class once a week for administrative staff to learn practical English conversation skills on campus.

  • Level test system to check English levels
  • Discussion class for advanced staff

Administrative staff did the above activities to improve their language skills.

In addition, lunch meetings to enjoy free conversation were implemented.
Now an e-learning program is offered to them instead of a face-to-face class.

Growth of Indicators

The percentage of staff who meet foreign language proficiency standards is increasing, and the ratio of achievement against target indicators in AY2019 is 124%.

AY2013 AY2014 AY2015 AY2016 AY2017 AY2018 AY2019
The percentage of staff
who meet foreign
language proficiency
26.8% 28.1% 28.1% 29.8% 31.6% 36.2% 42.1%


Administrative staff with high foreign language ability have the opportunity of traveling to overseas hubs and partner schools abroad so that they can gain practical experience abroad. Support for international students and foreign nationals is becoming smoother due to the staff's international experience and improvement of language skills.

Improvement of Business Efficient Work Environment


Overview of Initiatives

We are working on improving work efficiency with an eye on globalization.

For more information about the self-sustaining project plan

  • Installation of a paperless-meeting system: use tablets during meetings and eliminate the distribution of paper materials.
  • Installation of digital signage: increase the speed of information dissemination on campus.