Notable Achievement

The notable achievements of the University of Aizu Top Global University Project are introduced here.

  1. Silicon Valley Internship Program
  2. Aizu Geek Dojo
  3. The Honors Program
  4. Students Exchange Programs with Partner Universities
  5. Global Lounge

1. Silicon Valley Internship Program


Presentation at the Microsoft Technology Center in Silicon Valley

Established UoA Silicon Valley Office (and commissioned an office manager) (AY2016~)

The manager handles coordination with companies, implementation of internships, etc.

A total of 35 students participated in internships at Silicon Valley companies

Students not only visited companies, but also participated in actual R&D and product development.

Financial Support

The program was implemented with financial support from internship host companies and a local venture foundation in Aizu.


  • A student started a business focused on the R&D of blockchain technology.
  • The program produced talented students who showed international competitiveness by, among other things, winning prizes at competitive events.

2.Aizu Geek Dojo


Total no. of users of Aizu Geek Dojo: 896 (187% compared to previous year in AY2019)

The university provided an environment where students could create things freely.

Students used the Geek Dojo to create products for competitive events

Students used the Geek Dojo to create products for Master's thesis research


  • Japanese and international students worked hard together to create things.
  • Students were motivated to create by seeing students making presentations domestically and abroad

3. The Honors Program


No. of Students participating in the Honors Program: Achievement Rate (AR): 131% (Absolute: 92, Goal: 70 in AY2019)

Integrated Undergraduate-Master's Program (financially supported by the university)

Students can complete the undergraduate and master's programs in five years instead of the usual six and can use the "Honors Year" this affords them for any activity they wish.

Unique Talent Discovery Program (financially supported by the university)

Discover students who are talented in a particular field and provide them with mentors to help them develop their skills.


  • Students used the Honors Year to, among other things, participate in study abroad and internship programs.
  • Fostering HR who play an active role in global environments such as international programming contests.

*No. of students participating in the Honors Program is the no. of students accredited by the university (including those who have not completed the program due to requirements or other reasons).

4. Student Exchange Programs with Partner Universities


No. of International Students: AR: 126% (Absolute: 117, Goal: 93 in AY2019)

No. of Japanese Students with Study-Abroad Experience: AR: 103% (Absolute: 36, Goal: 35 in AY2019)

Conducted exchange program with partner universities in the US, Germany and China

3rd-year international transfer students advanced to the Graduate School


  • Improved students' language proficiency
  • Increased globalization and diversification of campus
  • A student who participated won an award of excellence at an international conference

5. Global Lounge


No. of users of Global Lounge in total 1,509 (252% compared to previous year in AY2019)

Welcome parties, international talks, and other events were held.

Interaction between students from all over the world


  • Students adapted to a multicultural environment
  • Increased the number of students looking to study abroad or participate in internship programs at overseas companies
  • Expanded our international student network