Outcomes of the Aizu Geek Dojo

The outcomes of the "Aizu Geek Dojo" are introduced here.



Activities & Outcomes

Establishment of Aizu Geek Dojo

pic_aizu_geek_dojo04.jpgOverview of Initiatives

In response to the students' growing interest and need for manufacturing and hardware development, we set up a freely available manufacturing space named the Aizu Geek Dojo. Students can use it for various purposes including research, personal hobby, contests, etc. Also, it can be used for a workshop, etc.

Growth of Indicators

The Aizu Geek Dojo is open for students and faculty members at the University of Aizu. The number of users is increasing yearly, and many educators and business people visit the facility.

AY2016 AY2017 AY2018 AY2019 Total
The number of users 120 256 480 869 1725

Growth of Students

pic_aizu_geek_dojo05.jpgMr. SUKEGAWA Takuya (Enrolled in AY2018)
Mr. SUKEGAWA has learned manufacturing from seniors after enrollment and now he is a SA of the Dojo. He won the top prizes at various hackathons and contests and participated in an overseas internship actively. Currently, he is also focusing on passing on his skills to juniors.


Aizu Geek Dojo is utilized as a manufacturing base in the UoA, not only by students like Mr. SUKEGAWA who are active in extracurricular activities, but also by those who use it for classes or graduation theses.

Implementation of an open lecture by Aizu Geek Dojo's SAs

pic_aizu_geek_dojo01.jpgOverview of Initiatives

Student Assistants (SAs) of the Aizu Geek Dojo held a manufacturing event for elementary school students in Aizu.
In the event, SAs carved participants' designs with a laser cutter and create a treasure box with a 3D printer. This was a rare opportunity for elementary school students to experience manufacturing equipment.

Growth of Students

Students who used to focus on only their own designs started to consider the shape of the object and the level of work for participants and upgraded plans through trial and error.


It was a good opportunity for citizens to know the facilities and activities of the Aizu Geek Dojo, and students grew. Such events improve community interaction with technology.

Implementation of the Basic Manufacturing Lecture

Overview of Initiatives

After the establishment of the Aizu Geek Dojo, a basic manufacturing lecture by an outside lecturer was implemented to promote usage of the Dojo.
Participants learned design and manufacturing and how to use the equipment, and then they finally developed a prototype based on their own ideas.

Through this lecture, students became proactive and engaged in manufacturing.
More and more students began to actively use the Aizu Geek Dojo.


Growth of Students

pic_aizu_geek_dojo02.jpgMr. NAMIKI Yusuke (Enrolled in AY2016)
Mr. NAMIKI, a participant in the first basic manufacturing lecture, learned manufacturing through the lecture. He got familiar with the handling of the equipment, and now acts as a SA in the Aizu Geek Dojo. With the improvement of his technical skills, he participated in the Silicon Valley internship program and made software development with local engineers.
He is growing to become an internationally competent engineer.


In addition to Mr. NAMIKI, lots of students who participated in the basic manufacturing lecture became interested in manufacturing, then were active in working at the Dojo as SAs, and participated in the internship programs or hackathons, and the Honors Program.