Interview with a transfer student in the ICT Global All-English Program

January 17, 2023

We interviewed Ms. COORAY Muthuthanthri Patabendige Sumudu Harshani, an international student from Sri Lanka who transferred to the University of Aizu, ICT Global All-English Program in April 2022 from Lanka Nippon Biztech Institute (LNBTI), our partner university, about her impressions of the University of Aizu and her future prospects.


Ms. Harshani Cooray

Whatmade you decide to transfer to the University of Aizu?

I completed my study at Lanka Nippon Biztech Institute (LNBTI) in Sri Lanka and then transferred to the University of Aizu. There were several reasons why I chose UoA. First, UoA is an international university specializing in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), The undergraduate curriculum, which consists of five different fields of study, was particularly attractive to me. CSE is a broad discipline with a wide range of applications, so I believe the five-discipline curriculum would help me find the right area of passion and focus for my future career path. Furthermore, as an international student, I could study a degree program in English.

How is life in Aizu Wakamatsu for you? Did anything surprise you that was different from your home country?

I love the peaceful and calm environment in Aizu. As an international student, there are things I truly appreciate about Japan, and not just Aizu Wakamatsu. I am always impressed by the sense of safety, and the people's politeness and respect for each other, as well as their ability to communicate in a friendly manner.

I am always impressed by the climate, culture, society, and nature in Japan, which is different from my home country, Sri Lanka. The lifestyle and social and cultural activities here are very interesting and the natural beauty of the four seasons is breathtaking.

What is your impression of the University of Aizu?

I have a very good impression of the University of Aizu. In terms of academics, I think the curriculum is really commendable for various future career paths. I also appreciate that the university is responsible for supporting me from the time of application to the present. In addition, I have an increasingly positive impression of the University of Aizu because of the many opportunities it offers its students for cultural exchange, enriching student life, and building a foundation for professional life after university graduation.

How do you like to interact with your professors and friends?

I interact with professors in a very polite and respectful manner. I get good support and guidance from the professors in both my studies and research.

Studying at the University of Aizu is a great opportunity for me to get to know many friends from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Also, mutual respect for each other, heartfelt help when in need, and friendliness and unity environment will surely add a bunch of beautiful memories to life.

What are your research themes at the University of Aizu?

I have enrolled in Biomedical Information Engineering Laboratory and now I am conducting a thesis study under supervision of professor CHEN Wenxi. Since I have a great interest in the research area about FemTech (products and services that use technology to solve women's health issues), my research theme will be related to it.

Any post-graduation prospects or future dreams?

After graduating from Undergraduate school, my next goal is to pursue my graduate studies to become a professional in the field that I am passionate.