Mr. Shuta Yamomoto, a first year student of the Master's Program of the Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering at UoA has started his three-month research from August 29th, 2011 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, USA on UoA's Mid-term Overseas Study Programs for Academic Year 2011.
Here is his report on his research and daily life in USA.

A regular report from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (November, 2011)

I have been studying abroad at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology since the end of August and I will have been stayed there for three months. It was already cold there in August and it will be below zero soon.

I'm taking "Artificial Intelligence" and "Design & Analysis of Algorithms" classes. Each of them has four classes a week and I frequently have to prepare for a next class in one day. Assignments of the classes cannot be solved without sufficient understanding and consideration. Some assignments such as project work are required to be done in a group. Students have to assemble and discuss problems in their free time in order to work on their project work assignments. I also take part in Japanese class and support the class. I have to live alone in an off-campus apartment because all dormitories are full. I often try to talk with my friends who live in the same apartment.

I take part in Japanese anime club and Parkour activity. A friend of mine invited me to the anime club. People in the club are much familiar with Japanese anime than I am. Meanwhile, I asked Parkour member to join during their activity in the campus. Dozens of people participate in this activity here while it's really minor sport in Japan. I cannot perform flamboyant movement, but I enjoy exercising.

Rose-Hulman had homecoming in September and I was able to experience several impressive events, especially bonfire. Fire lighting is astonishing and I was overwhelmed by extremely hot fire so that I cannot stay near.

Although my flight to the US was delayed and I missed my connection flight, I feel it was nice experience now. I will expand my perspective until I back to Japan.