1. Basic Policy

The University of Aizu collects information to understand your needs and interests to the extent necessary for a smooth operation of our service via the website when you visit our official website (https://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/official, hereinafter referred to as "Our Site") We will properly handle your information collected for our purpose of use.

2. Collecting Personal Information

  1. Our Site automatically collects your Internet domain name, IP address, and web-browsing history in our site.
  2. We cordially request you to register your e-mail address and other necessary information for inquiries/application to our public lectures.

3. Using Personal Information

  1. Information collected by a method described in item 2-1 will be used as reference for a smooth operation of our service provided through Our Site.
  2. We will use your e-mail address and other personal information acquired by a method described in item 2-2 as your contact information.
  3. The Website uses Google Analytics to analyze its visits and usage. Google Analytics collects user information through cookies. Please review the Google Analytics' website for its terms of service.

4. Limitation on Using and Furnishing Personal Information

The University will not provide your personal information to a third party and use the information for the purpose other than item 2 with the exception of the following; information disclosure by statute, illegal acts (i.e., fraudulent access, threatening), and other particular reasons. However, we may disclose statistical data of access information to Our Site, comments, suggestions and information of individual attribute related to them.

5. Maintaining Personal Information

The University implements necessary measures to prevent divulging, losing or damaging of information collected from individuals, and to manage the information properly. The University may outsource operation of Our Site. However, the commissioned company will also take measures necessary for appropriate management of the collected information.

6. Range of Application

This privacy policy is only applicable to Our Site (https://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/) and its lower directories. Relevant organizations handle personal information on their own responsibilities.