On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, International Talk took place via Zoom and in person as an activity of Global Lounge. Forty people, including students and faculty members, joined the event.

Three students from our partner universities, Philipp, Joshua, and David were featured as speakers. They introduced their country "Germany" in English! Ms. KANNO Rika, an undergraduate student acted as the MC for the event.

The presentation was an excellent overview of Germany, including its history, each student's hometown, castles, the Christmas market, and Christmas traditions. The great thing about the explanation is the beautiful pictures. They kept the audience interested by showing many pictures and making the presentation convincing and meaningful. After hearing their talk, many of the participants would have been interested in Germany and wanted to visit.

The Q&A session was limited due to time constraints, but it was interesting to learn about the cultural differences between Germany and Japan.

For the details of this event, please access the OSIP website.

☞ https://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/osip/en/index.html > Topics and News

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