The University of Aizu's "University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC) and Reconstruction Support Center (ARC)" will continue to be the Regional Open Innovation Center (Regional Contribution Type) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which was made its base on December 24, 2020. (Extended for 3 years from April 2023)

These regional collaboration centers are selected for their proactive activities in industry-academia collaboration with local companies and local governments, aiming to solve local problems and promote the local economy.

If you are selected as a base, you will receive tailor-made support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), including domestic and international PR, support for strengthening networks among bases, strengthening ties with METI budget projects, and support for connecting to government policies such as deregulation.

At present, 27 regional open innovation centers (12 for international expansion and 15 for regional contribution) have been selected nationwide.

(Publication date: December 27, 2022)

J-Innovation HUB (Japanese text only)
University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC) and The University of Aizu Revitalization Center(ARC) (Japanese text only)

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