On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, Mr. Tatsuya Ito, representative of Ito Seiko,(※1) donated 100 "ikki iki" (※2)mask spacers and masks (10 boxes of 50 masks) to the university to support our students who are worried about their lives due to the new type corona virus.

伊藤精工さま.jpg fea1dc64-30bd-4466-87a3-95b2d0f5c868.jpg

These mask spacers are designed to make it easier for you to breathe when wearing a mask! This product was born out of a desire to eliminate the suffocating effects of wearing a mask.
It is made of environmentally friendly EVA material.
By attaching this product to a mask, it is "easy to breathe" and "easy to hear voices," making it convenient for use as a talking mask.
It also prevents your glasses from fogging up.
※For more information on "ikki iki", please see the following page(※2)

※1 Ito Seiko (Japanese text only) 

※2 ikki iki  (Japanese text only)

※2 fukuiro-kirari (Japanese text only)