The University of Aizu's Reconstruction Support Center's efforts to develop female IT human resources since 2017 have been highly evaluated, and the Center has been selected to receive the 25th (FY2020) Engineering Education Award from the Japan Society for Engineering Education().


The Reconstruction Support Center has held the "Female Programmer Training School" (2017-2019) and the "IT Career Development School for Women" (2020-) as IT (information technology) education courses for working women.
This course provides recurrent education for women who are currently unemployed, working as non-regular employees, or seeking reemployment after retirement due to childbirth or childcare. After completing their studies, they can work for companies in the prefecture, start their own businesses, or work from home.
In addition, since this course is conducted with the full use of IT, there will be no significant impact on its implementation even in the midst of the expansion of the new coronavirus epidemic, and it can serve as a model for human resource development for regional revitalization and women's activities in the new normal era.

The award ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at Shinshu University Nagano (Engineering) Campus and online.

〇The Engineering Education Award recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact and contribution to the development of engineering education and engineer education in Japan through leading and innovative efforts.

(Publication date: March 24, 2021)