ICPC 2021 Asia Yokohama Regional(※1) was held online on March 15-16, 2022. The University's competitive programming club(※2) competed in the competition and placed 8th in the university category.
The result of tournament are as follows.

〇Team 「ThinkMET」 9th place
〇Team 「NEET_aizu」19th place

[Team introduction]
Kojima Yamato (2nd-year undergraduate)
Morita Kazuki (4th-year undergraduate)
Omoto Yoshiki (3rd-year undergraduate)

Iju Hikari (2nd-year undergraduate)
Kikuchi Atsutoshi (2nd-year undergraduate)
Otani Kazuyuki (4th-year undergraduate)

※1 ICPC 2021 Asia Yokohama Regional


※2 University of Aizu Competitive Programming Club