On Friday, July 5, 2024, the domestic Internet preliminary round of ICPC 2024 (*1) was held and 50 teams were selected for the Yokohama Asian Regional Competition (*2).
 The University of Aizu was ranked 6th among universities in Japan. And the following two teams from the University of Aizu Competitive Programming Club(*3) will participate in the ICPC 2024 Asia Regional Yokohama Competition to be held on December 21 and 22.


○Team "SkyBlaze " (9th place/363 teams, 6th place by university)
TAKENAKA Ryohei(4th-year undergraduate)
IIO Ryotaro(3rd-year undergraduate)
SHIMOBO Taiki(1st-year undergraduate)
WATANOBE Yutaka (Coach)

○Team "Spinning-akabeko" (23rd place /363 teams)
AIZAWA Toya(4th-year undergraduate)
ABE Koki(4th-year undergraduate)
SAKAKIBARA Shin(4th-year undergraduate)
WATANOBE Yutaka (Coach)

*1  ICPC 2024
*2  ICPC 2024 National Qualifying Results
*3  University of Aizu Competitive Programming Club