On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, Chancellor and President Miyazaki bestowed the title of "University of Aizu Venture" (※1) on three companies: " FromFrom Inc." (※2), which was started by a graduate of the University, " Moon and Planets, LLC " (※3), which was started by a faculty member of the University, and " Branchism Inc." (※4), which was started by a current student of the University. A total of 29 companies have been certified as University of Aizu ventures.


FromFrom Inc. is a company that operates mainly in the Aizu area, providing local information through website design and social media planning and operation, as well as IT support for local companies to promote digitalization.

Moon and Planets, LLC conducts public relations and awareness-raising activities related to space development (especially in the field of lunar and planetary exploration), including lectures, event planning, and commissioned surveys and research. The company also plans to focus on human resource development and support young researchers in the future.

Branchism Inc. is working on the development of a matching app for students. They plan to develop the apps to propose various events and provide opportunities for interaction in the future.

FromFrom Inc.

Moon and Planets, LLC

Branchism Inc.

※1 University of Aizu ventures

※2 FromFrom Inc. (Japanese text only)

※3 Moon and Planets, LLC

※4 Branchism Inc. (Japanese text only)