On May 11, 2022, Dr. Kirana, CEO of Banpu Power Public, visited our university. Banpu Power Public Co., Ltd. is the parent company of Banpu Japan Co., Ltd., which is conducting joint research with the Dean of the undergraduate school, Professor Ben, and is a global company that develops the electric power business based in Thailand. This visit was realized to further deepen the cooperation between our university and Banpu Japan Co., Ltd., which participates in the smart city plan in Aizu Wakamatsu City.

The University of Aizu side explained the characteristics of our university and the status of collaboration with Banpu Japan, especially the demonstration experiment using the solar carport which was prepared for joint research in April last year. Dr. Kirana told us that he would like to promote a wide range of collaboration with our university in the future, such as social contribution in the electric power business centered on renewable energy and consideration of overseas internships for students of our university.

Banpu side visitor:
Dr. Kirana Limpaphayom, CEO of Banpu Power Public
Mr. Voravudhi Linananda, former CEO of Banpu Power, current director
Mr. Wittapon Jawjit, Director of Human Resources Department, Banpu Group
Mitsuo Ido, President of Banpu Japan
and others, 8 in total

Aizu University side responder:
Toshiaki Miyazaki, President
Jiro Iwase, Regent
Ben Abdallah Abderazek, Dean of the undergraduate school
Ian Wilson, Director of Center for Globalization
and others, 8 in total

20200511 Banpu 01.jpg
State of the round-table conference

20200511 Banpu 02.jpg
University of Aizu attendees

20200511 Banpu 03.jpg
Banpu Group attendees