The University of Aizu Finished in the Second at ACM-ICPC's Japan Preliminary Rounds, and will Advance to Asian Rounds

ACM/ICPC's Japan Preminary Rounds were held on July 3, 2009. Two teams from the University of Aizu will advance to Asian Rounds in Tokyo in November of 2009.
ACM/ICPC is the worldwide collegiate computer programming contest. Each participating teams are formed with three students and one coach and compete in solving as many problems as possible in a designated period of time. 282 teams from 70 universities took part in the Japan Preliminary Rounds. 10 teams with a total of 30 students from the University of Aizu competed in the Preliminary Rounds and achieved tremendous results that 3 teams out of these 10 finished within top 20.
Teams from the University of Aizu with will proceed to Asian Rounds are "Watch.d" (Takashi Tayama, 4th-year student, Yuki Hirano, 3rd-year student and Yuya Kaneda, 1st-year student) which finished in the 3rd place and "-W" (Jun Igari, 4th-year student, Tomoya Sakai, 3rd-year student and Yuya Watanabe, 3rd-year student) finished in the 15th place. "Watch.d" consist of two members from "Watch.c", which competed in last year's World Competition and one new student. Their experience at the World Competition was the driving power for finishing in the 2nd after the University of Tokyo. Both teams will challenge Asian Rounds with their goals, "the 1st place in Asian Rounds and to the world competition again! (Watch.d)" and "do our best result at Asian Rounds and advance to the World Competition (-W)". Assistant Lecturer Yutaka Watanobe, a coach for both teams foresses that Asian Rounds will be a tough competition, but speaks of his aspiration to "coach them to challenge the world competition again." The Vice President Nikolay Mirenkov applauds their efforts, saying that "We also glad for other teams participation and obtaining new experience for such challenging activity. Participation of 30 students itself is a very good achievement.", and also expects further achievements.
Asian Rounds in Tokyo hosted by Waseda University will take place from November 7 through 9, 2009 at the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center.

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UofA students who participated in Japan Preliminary Rounds

Teams advanced to Asian Rounds
From left, Assistant Lecturer Watanobe (coach), Tayama, Kaneda(Watch.d), Watanabe, Igari and Sakai (-W)