At the "4th Fukushima Tech Plan Grand Prix" (※1) held in Koriyama City on Saturday, November 27, 2021, the team of Senior Associate Professor WATANOBE Yutaka (※2) of the University of Aizu won the Daikin Prize, and the team of Associate Professor YAGUCHI Yuichi (※3) won the Real Tech Fund Prize.

  Daikin Award
◯Team name:e-SmartLearn
◯Presenter:WATANOBE Yutaka, Senior Associate Professor, University of Aizu
◯Theme: Realization of a world where anyone can receive training in a smart way
  Real Tech Fund Award
◯Team name:U-Aizu YAG LAB
◯Speaker: YAGUCHI Yuichi, Associate Professor, University of Aizu
◯Theme: A distributed unmanned flight management system that ensures freedom and safety in the sky

The Fukushima Tech Plan Grand Prix is supported by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.(※4) as part of their efforts to establish an environment for connecting industry with research achievements and technologies owned by researchers at universities and other institutions in the prefecture through Fukushima Prefecture's University-launched Venture Creation Model Program.

Grand Prix Finalists(photo by 野木茂之)

Senior Associate Professor WATANOBE Yutaka(right side)(photo by 野木茂之)

Associate Professor YAGUCHI Yuichi