21, June 2022

Dear All students,

Chairperson of the Board of Executives,

[UG /GS] Teaching method of courses etc. from Wednesday 22 June 2022

This is to inform you that online courses are delivered during the following period, in light of the outbreak of several infected students and close contact people in a short period of time at the University of Aizu.


  1. Online teaching period

From Wednesday, 22 June 2022 to Sunday, 26 June 2022

*Partially, in-person classes may be implemented. Please refer to 4. (1), (3).

  1. Intensive health checking period

This online teaching period is intensive health checking period. Please pay attention to your health management and prepare for in-person classes scheduled from Monday, 27 June.

  1. Teaching method after the online teaching period

From Monday, 27 June, classes are scheduled to be delivered in-person.

However, depending on the infection situation on campus and in the Aizu area, remote classes may be continued. In that case, we will inform you separately.

  1. Other details

(1) Only if it's difficult to teach online, such as experiments using on-campus equipment, or it is difficult to switch to online teaching in such a short notice, such as courses delivered by part-time lecturers, the classes will be delivered in-person under taking adequate infection prevention measures.

(2) Concerning how your classes are delivered, please check the information which will be sent to you from the instructors in charge of each course.

(3) In case of receiving instructions or guidance from your research advisor (about Graduation Thesis, Master's Thesis etc.) in person, he/she will inform you. Please check his/her instruction.

(4) If you are not under an environment to take courses remotely at home, you could use terminals in the available exercise rooms on campus or bring your own laptops to the assigned classroom.

(5) During the above period, entering the campus is NOT prohibited.

(6) Make sure to fill in the health observation sheet and always carry it with you. In particular, make sure to manage your physical condition. If you have cold-like symptoms, you must stay at home and consult with local medical institutions or the COVID-19 Medical Consultation Center (Tel: 0120-567-747 (Calls are accepted 24/7 including holidays) by phone. In the event that you visit a medical facility and undergo a PCR or an antigen test, immediately inform the University of which test you underwent before receiving the test results. Also, when the test results become available, immediately share them with the University.

  1. Notes for taking online classes

(1) When attending online classes in assigned classroom or an exercise room etc. without instructors, please sit with one seat vacant, and do not sit next to each other.Also, please do not use the terminals marked with an X. Make sure to take infection control measures thoroughly by wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands and fingers, and avoid close density.

(2) Please avoid taking classes at your friend's home etc. with other students.

(3) In case you have in-person classes which need experiments using on-campus equipment, and the preceding or following class is taught online, you have to come to campus to attend the online classes. Please consider attending the online classes by using terminals in available exercise rooms on campus, or bringing your laptop in assigned classroom, if needed.

(Contact: Academic Affairs Section, E-mail: sad-aas@u-aizu.ac.jp)