The Master's thesis presentation was held on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.
Thirteen students from the Graduate Department of Computer and Information Systems presented the achievement of their research based on the specialized knowledge for two years.
Students who will complete this term are all international students, and many students were unable to enter Japan due to COVID19 and were forced to study online. Under these circumstances, some students completed our Master's programs in only one year through the dual degree program, while others completed their programs after gaining experience through presentations at international conferences.
At the University of Aizu, writing papers, presentations, and questions and answers are all conducted in English in order to acquire global academic English proficiency. The thesis will be evaluated comprehensively by the difficulty of the theme, the degree of completion, the attitude of the efforts, etc. during the thesis writing period.

Ms. LIN, Yu-Ling

Mr. ZHAO Youshen 

Mr. SINGH Divij Gurpreet