On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, the AY 2021 Spring Doctoral Dissertation Presentations were held.
Eight students gave presentations on the achievements of their doctoral research at the Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering. After the introduction of the students, each student gave a presentation as the culmination of his/her research. Faculty and administrative personnel, and current UoA students in attendance listened to the presentations with great interest.
Following the presentations, there was a lively exchange of questions and answers. At the end, their research advisors honored the students' research achievements, and gave them words of encouragement expecting their success in the future as researchers.

The names of the students and the titles of their dissertations are listed below.

Student Name

Research Advisor

Dissertation Title

ZENG, Kungan

PAIK Incheon Professor

" Web Service Embedding Based on Neural Sequence Models "


TEI Shigaku Professor

" Computer-Supported Design of Tessellation Tiles Based on Recognition of Drawings "

XU, Jianbo

CHEN Wenxi Professor

" HRV Analysis and Personal Identification Using Bathtub ECG in Different Water Temperatures "

OGBODO, Mark Ikechukwu

BEN ABDALLAH Abderazek Professor

" On the Design of Adaptive Digital Neuromorphic System "

RAHMAN, Md Atiqur

HAMADA Mohamed Senior Associate Professor

" Development of a Novel Algorithm and an Evaluation Method for Lossless Data Compression "


ZHAO Qiangfu Professor

" MS-NET: A Novel Approach to Boost the Accuracy of Deep Neural Networks Through Systematic Module Selection "

CUI, Peng

CHEN Wenxi Professor

" Tissues Image Recognition in Endoscopic Surgery Using Convolutional Neural Network "

SEMBA, Shogo

SAITO Hiroshi Senior Associate Professor

" Automatic Conversion from Synchronous RTL Models to Asynchronous RTL Models "


Mr. ZENG, Kungan

Ms. HUANG, Luyi

Mr. XU, Jianbo

Mr. OGBODO, Mark Ikechukwu

Mr. RAHMAN, Md Atiqur

Mr. CHOWDHURY, Md Intisar

Mr. CUI, Peng

Mr. SEMBA, Shogo