This is the 9th day of "Practical Development Projects 2021". Today is the end of Phase 2, and students demonstrate their product for customer.


In this time, the order of presentation is D->A->B->C teams.

pic_2021_practical_topics_98.png pic_2021_practical_topics_99.png

D team demonstrated the interactive gourmet site.

pic_2021_practical_topics_100.png pic_2021_practical_topics_101.png

A team demonstrated the Vegetable Gacha function.

pic_2021_practical_topics_102.png pic_2021_practical_topics_103.png

B team demonstrated the matching application for mutual help.

pic_2021_practical_topics_104.png pic_2021_practical_topics_105.png

C team demonstrated the talk room function.

pic_2021_practical_topics_106.png pic_2021_practical_topics_107.png pic_2021_practical_topics_108.png

After the presentation, Q & A session was held among students. C team was asked a question about the difference of talk room and chat room. They answered "The talk room is for people who want to talk, and the chat room is for people who don't".

pic_2021_practical_topics_109.png pic_2021_practical_topics_110.png pic_2021_practical_topics_111.png

Mr.Sampei, Mr.Hoshino, and Mr.Yoshioka reviewed for each teams. In this time, students received an advise about the way of demonstration. In the demonstration, teachers check not the technical progress but student's idea. It is important to do demonstration focusing on user's worth.

The next lecture will be held on 12/20(Mon). From the next lecture, Phase 3 will be started. Students will define their requirement again referring to today's feedback.