International Engineer Development Program*³

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The educational curriculum of the University of Aizu is designed based on Computer Science Curricula 2013 (CS2013) and Computing Curricula 2020 (CC2020), which are leading curricula and are encouraged by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Our curriculum covers all topics of Core Tier-1 and more than 80% of the topics in Core Tier-2 of CS2013, and all required conditions in the CS (Computer Science) fields according to JABEE, and students can learn all of them through the Strongly Recommended (SR) Courses.

In AY2023, we began the International Engineer Development Program, which is completed by earning all SR Courses. The program was certified as compliant with the accreditation standards for the Computer Science field of JABEE in March 2024.

Accreditation Period: Six years from April 1, 2023.

Since JABEE is a signatory of the Seoul Accord, the international validity of our educational program has been recognized by a third party through its accreditation by JABEE. Students enrolling after AY2020 and meeting the program completion requirements are eligible to receive a 'Certificate of Completion of a JABEE-Accredited Program.' Individuals awarded this certificate are exempt from the first stage of the 'Professional Engineer' examination, as designated by MEXT.

Details of the Program are as follows:

1. Program Name

International Engineer Development Program

(Computer Science and Engineering)

2. Eligible Students

Students admitted in 2018 or after*⁴

Students are considered to be registered for this program upon enrollment.

Please note that those enrolled as of April 1, 2023 are considered to be registered for this program (no special procedures are required in either case).

3. Completion Requirements

(1) Be certified for graduation

(2) Earn the credits for all of the Strongly Recommended (SR) courses

4. Eligible recipients for the Certificate of Completion of JABEE-Accredited Program

Individuals who enrolled after the AY2020 and have completed the International Engineer Development Program.

5. How to Check Satisfaction of Program Completion Requirements

Please use the course planning system.

Easy Guide to the International Engineer Development Program <for Students>

This guide includes:

- Tips on completing all the Strongly Recommended (SR) courses

- What to do if you failed to earn all SR course credits

- How to check satisfaction of program completion requirements

Please take advantage of the guide.

*¹ The Seoul Accord is an international accreditation agreement for educational programs in computing and IT-related fields. It established an international quality assurance framework for computing and IT-related fields.

There are currently nine member institutions: ABEEK (South Korea), ABET (US), ACS (Australia), BCS (UK), CIPS (Canada), CONAIC (Mexico), HKIE (Hong Kong), IEET (Taiwan) and JABEE (Japan). (Excerpts from the JABEE web page and the IPSJ web page)

*² Exemption from the first examination for the Professional Engineer qualification (see JABEE webpage)

*³ While "International Engineer Development Program" is used as the colloquial name for this program within the institution, "Computer Science and Engineering" is used as the formal name internationally, in accordance with JABEE accreditation.

*⁴ Excluding students admitted through the ICT Global All-English Program Entrance Examination and transfer students