Students who attain a score of 750 or higher on the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test after admission to the UoA can apply to receive one credit for the English Language Course, "English Excellence." The credit will be awarded upon approval by the Academic Affairs Committee.

(1) Details

  • Eligible Tests:
    TOEIC Listening & Reading Test Secure Program (SP) and Institutional Program (IP)*
    *Only IP tests conducted by the UoA are eligible.

  • Eligible Students:
    Current students* as of AY2022
    *Students on a leave of absence can apply after resuming their studies at the UoA.
    Students admitted through the ICT Global All-English Program entrance examination are not eligible.

  • Number of Credits: 1

  • Handling of Credits:
    The credit counts toward the number of Foreign Language Courses credits required for graduation.

  • Term of Recognition:
    The credit will be considered to have been earned in the quarter the application form is submitted.

  • Grade:
    The grade received by recipients will be "Accredited," and will not be included in GPA calculations.

(2) How to Apply

Submit the designated form to the Academic Affairs Section of Student Affairs Division with document(s) certifying the score during the quarter (between the first day of classes and the last day of the final exam period).