(1) Class Cancellation

Information on class cancellation is shared on the Academic Administration System. Classes may be cancelled on short notice, including on the day of the class. Please make it a habit to often check such information on the Academic Administration System.

* For cancellation of classes due to inclement weather, please refer to "Handling of Class Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather".

(2) Substitute and Makeup Classes

If a class is canceled, a makeup class is conducted in principle, to secure the number of class hours (sessions). Makeup classes are scheduled on the same weekday of the class, on Saturdays, or on extra days. Students can get information on makeup classes such as the days and periods on the Academic Administration System.

In some cases, cancelled classes may be replaced with substitute classes taught by substitute instructors, in lieu of scheduling a makeup class. Information on substitute classes is posted on the bulletin board of the Academic Administration System.

* In AY2022, makeup classes may be conducted on Sundays and holidays (except during spring, summer, or winter vacation).