In order to enhance learning effects, student capacities for courses at the University of Aizu have been designated as described below. Students should take courses according to the formats designated based on the class code that they have been assigned.

(1) Class Formats Students will be assigned to a class code for the following categories.

Class Formats


Particular Courses

Class C

(Capacity of 40 students)

C-1 ~ C-6 for the courses

  • Physical Activities
  • English Courses
    Introductory English 1・2
    Intermediate English1・2
  • Strongly Recommended Courses

Class E

(Capacity of 30 students)

E1 ~ E9

  • English Courses
    Bridge 1・2 to Intermediate English
    Advanced English
    Thesis Writing and Presentation



  • Field-recommended courses for third-/fourth-year students.

(2) Classes with a capacity

○ Classes with a capacity of
80 students

  • Lectures of Specialized Courses

○ Classes with a capacity of
40 students

  • Exercises
  • English Courses (Introductory English 1・2, Intermediate English1・2)
  • Physical Activity 1 and 2

○ Classes with a capacity of
30 students

  • English courses (Bridge 1・2 to Intermediate English, Advanced English, Thesis Writing and Presentation)

○ Classes with no capacity

  • General Education Courses (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Elective English
  • Optional courses