The University of Aizu Support Association was established by guardians of students of the School of Computer Science and Engineering following the opening of the University of Aizu in 1993. Since then, the Support Association has implemented various projects every year in order to help the university enhance its education quality, raise the level of students' academic ability and promote students' health and welfare.

Supporting Class Activities
The association supports class activities to encourage communication between students and further promote class activities.
Supporting Implementation of TOEIC Tests
The association supports implementation of TOEIC tests on campus to contribute the improvement of students' English language ability.
Subsidizing Students' Participation in Conferences and Training Sessions
The association partially subsidizes students' participation in scientific conferences within and without the country and in training sessions, etc. recognized as meaningful for their research by their research supervisors.
Supporting Expenses of Transportation and Accommodation for Job Seeking Activities
In consideration of convenience for students, the association subsidizes students' public transportation and accommodation costs for participating job fairs and/or information sessions held by companies, visiting companies, taking employment tests, etc.
Financial Support for Volunteering
In order to create an environment for students to be able to proactively engage in volunteer activities, the association subsidizes transportation fees, purchase costs of consumables, etc. necessary for the activities.
Subsidizing the Cost of Breakfast Passes
Aiming to maintain and improve students' healthy diets, the association partially subsidizes the cost of purchasing breakfast passes in cooperation with the university cafeteria. (Since AY2009)
Providing a Shuttle Bus Service for IT Engineer Examinations
The association provides a partially-subsidized shuttle bus service between the university and the exam site for students who take an IT engineers examination which is held twice, spring and autumn in each year. Group applications were discontinued in FY2020
Holding Briefing Session on the University and Lectures on Finding Employment
The association has given reports on the state of the university at the campus festival. In addition, the association has invited external lecturers to hold lectures on subjects such as the recent job market and how parents should go about helping their children find a job.
Providing Various Consultation Meetings for Students' Parents
The association provides students' parents opportunities to receive individual counseling at campus festivals. The counseling was provided by the Dean of Students, faculty members, and staff members of the Student Affairs Division, who answered questions about the worries and issues regarding students' life such as students' career path.
Incentive for Students' Skill Enhancement

In order to contribute to enhance UoA students' computer specialized knowledge and language ability, the association provides incentives for those who pass IT Engineer Examination as well as those who had obtain high TOEIC and/or TOEFL test scores.

■ Subsidies by TOEIC Scores

Language Test Score Subsidy

TOEIC Listening & Reading Test

(incl. IP test and Online test)

500 or higher Examination fee for TOEIC SW*
From 600 to 729 10,000JPY
From 730 to 859 20,000JPY
860 or higher  30,000JPY
TOEIC Speaking Test 110 or higher 10,000JPY
130 or higher 20,000JPY
150 or higher 30,000JPY
TOEIC Writing Test 120 or higher 10,000JPY
140 or higher 20,000JPY
160 or higher 30,000JPY


From 79 to 99 20,000JPY
100 or higher 30,000JPY

*500 or above: Subsidy for TOEIC SW test fee
*The maximum amount of total subsidy for language proficiency test that students can receive is 30,000 yen. If students have been subsidized before, the difference between the amount they have received and the maximum receivable amount will be given.

■ Subsidies for IT Engineer Examinations

Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination: 20,000 yen subsidy
Information Technology Strategist Examination, Systems Architect Examination, etc.: 30,000 yen subsidy for each

*Contact the Student Affairs Division for information about other examinations subjected to be subsidized other than those listed above.

Issuance of Association Newsletters (Japanese)

Twice a year the association has issued an "Association Newsletter" which describes students' activities at the UoA and projects of the association.

Executive office of the Support Association

Student Health and Welfare Services Section, Student Affairs Division

Tsuruga, Ikki-machi; Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Japan 965-8580
Constitution of the Support Association