FAQ answered by students, aiming at admission to the university of Aizu.

Preparation for the entrance exam

Can you give me tips for the entrance exam?

[ Entrance examination by commendation B ]
I reviewed math exam coverage using mainly textbooks until the summer holiday. I also acquired IT passport which is included in the entry requirements. It is even possible for the general course students to obtain IT passport in a relatively short period of preparation time.
I also tried to memorize 100 English words in every three days since the entrance exam of the University of Aizu requires outstanding level of vocabulary in English. Furthermore it is important to get to know the examination trends by reviewing the past exams in the recent three years. I started writing short essays twice a week from October for the essay-type exam.

[ General entrance exam ]
As I went to a Commercial High School, it was difficult for me to feature all the subjects for the center exam. So I concentrated on physics, which was my weakness. After the center exam, I spent most of my study time on mathⅢ. At first I felt anxious because I hadn't taken mathⅢat high school. There are a lot of fundamentals on the entrance exam of the university of Aizu, so I managed to cope with it by studying textbooks by myself.

[ General entrance exam ]
I had to take one science subject upon the center exam, and math and English for the second-stage exam. So I spent time on studying in order of physics, math and English before the center exam.
After the center exam, I put emphasis on reviewing vector and calculus both of which I was not good at.
I also continued to memorize English words right up until the exam.
I studied for 5 to 6 hours per day on average and maximum of 10hours every day just before the exam.

Your studies

I had only general education at high school. Will I be able to keep up with the computer-related classes?

I also went to a general course at high school. You don't need to worry about it because you can start from the very foundation of computer at the university of Aizu.
When I have something which I cannot understand fully at the class, I try not to leave anything undigested. I often go to the study support center for the help of senior students or learning support instructors. I do my homework with my friends, too.

I am not good at English. How can I follow the English classes?

Most of the classes are taught in Japanese for the first and second year undergraduates. Moreover, senior students support the classes in English as teaching assistants, so don't worry about English.
Just get used to English. At the university of Aizu, nearly 40% of the lecturers are from foreign countries, so you can jump into English-speaking environment inevitably.

Student life

I am interested in games, CG and animation. Can I learn such fields in the university?

There is a class to teach how to use software to create CG and animation at the University of Aizu. ⇒ Details of the class
However you can earn skills to create that kind of software. In addition, since many of the graduates work in the game industry, you can ask them for advices.

What do you do after school and in your day off?

I belong to a performing arts club. I spend my time after school on participating the club activity and a part time work. I also go to the study support center and the library to work on my assignment.
On my days off, I visit cafes and knick-knack shops. Actually there are a lot of cafes which are like select hideaways and knick-knack shops in Aizu Wakamatsu.
I also enjoy myself snowboarding at the nearby ski resort.

Your career

What are the advantages of being a student of the University of Aizu upon your job hunting?

There are two significant advantages, (1) many graduates play active roles in the IT industry, and (2) you get a lot of official references from the university.
A lot of graduates from the University of Aizu work for the company I applied for a job. Therefore they cordially welcomed me to visit their companies and explained about them, which made my motivation enhanced and felt encouraged very much.
The University is also making active efforts to support job hunting. They assist writing entry sheet and CV, and preparing for the interview individually. Their support enabled me to go through the job hunting which was full of anxiety and get a job at a game related company.

What type of industries do students seek for job?

Many go for electronics manufacturers, automobile companies, system development and web services where they can use computer-related skills they acquired at university. Some aim for civil servant, service industry and financial business.
There is demand for the computer technology you learn here in any kind of industry these days. Therefore a number of companies from various kinds of industries attend the on-campus job fair every year.